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from typing import Tuple, List, TYPE_CHECKING, Iterable, Union, Optional
import select as _select

    from .netcat import Netcat

# hey!!! did you know that you can have nested loops in list/dict/generator comprehensions????
[docs]def select( select_read: Iterable["Netcat"], select_write: Optional[Iterable["Netcat"]]=None, select_exc: Optional[Iterable["Netcat"]]=None, timeout: Union[None, int, float]=None ) -> Tuple[List["Netcat"], List["Netcat"], List["Netcat"]]: """ A select function which works for any netcat or simplesock object. This function is a drop-in replacement for python's ````. The main advantage is that sockets with multiple backing file descriptors are handled cleanly. """ if select_write is None: select_write = [] if select_exc is None: select_exc = [] allsocks = set(sock for sockset in (select_read, select_write, select_exc) for sock in sockset) sock_mapping = {sock: sock._prep_select() for sock in allsocks} reverse_read = {base: sock for sock, (baselist, _, _) in sock_mapping.items() for base in baselist} reverse_write = {base: sock for sock, (_, baselist, _) in sock_mapping.items() for base in baselist} reverse_exc = {base: sock for sock, (_, _, baselist) in sock_mapping.items() for base in baselist} base_read = list(set(base for sock in select_read for base in sock_mapping[sock][0])) base_write = list(set(base for sock in select_write for base in sock_mapping[sock][1])) base_exc = list(set(base for sock in select_exc for base in sock_mapping[sock][2])) # if any socks in the *original* read have anything buffered, we should treat it as if select # returns immediately. however we need to check if any other socks have data buffered in the # *kernel*. preselected = set(sock for sock in select_read if getattr(sock, 'buf', ())) if preselected: timeout = 0 sel_base_read, sel_base_write, sel_base_exc =, base_write, base_exc, timeout) sel_read = tuple(set(reverse_read[base] for base in sel_base_read) | preselected) sel_write = tuple(set(reverse_write[base] for base in sel_base_write)) sel_exc = tuple(set(reverse_exc[base] for base in sel_base_exc)) return sel_read, sel_write, sel_exc